Send and receive payments via Faster Payments System

Send payments by phone number and accept payments from customers using a QR code.

Faster payments system is a convenient solution for your business


Payouts to self-employed persons

Transfer money to individuals by their phone number
  • Less requisites
    Only the phone number and bank ID are required to make a payment. No more accidental payment errors due to numerous details.
  • Instant settlements with individuals
    Funds are transferred to your clients’ and contractors’ accounts instantly. Payments via Faster Payments System compare favorably with other types of transfers where you have to wait several days for the money to arrive.

Internet acquiring

Accept payments from customers using QR codes and payment links
  • Payments without borders
    Place QR codes on your website, banners, and in email newsletters. Create payment links for social networks and payments in mobile applications.
  • Convenient for the client, easy for the business
    Quick connection, easy API integration, and easy creation of payment instruments like QR codes and deep links.

How does it work?

  • The user provides their phone number and bank ID on the site or in the app.
  • The user clicks the «Get paid» button.
  • The payment is made to the user's bank account.
Internet acquiring
  • The сustomer scans the QR-code, clicks a button or a payment link.
  • The сustomer selects a bank and confirms the payment. The money is instantly credited to the merchant's account.

Who can benefit from Faster Payments System?


Online businesses working with individuals

Courier services, taxi fleets, cashback services, and companies that work with freelancers and remote contractors.

Freelance Platforms

Pay for the work of designers, copywriters, photographers, webmasters, and other hired professionals

Cashback services

Make fast payments to clients


Businesses that accept payments online

Marketplaces, online stores, mobile games, and entertainment platforms.


Mobile applications

Enable convenient payments without leaving the platform


Online stores

Enable payments on websites, social networks, and in mobile apps

How to enable payment acceptance and payments through Faster Payments System

  • Send an application to or leave your contact information in the feedback form below.
  • Sign the contract and open a corporate bank account with Bank 131.
  • Integrate the API

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