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Accept payments

Accept payments made with bank cards and via QR codes and payment links.

Use efficient payment methods for your business


Bank cards

Accept payments made with Visa, MasterCard, and MIR bank cards and receive money to your account in any bank

Faster payments system

Accept payments made via QR codes and payment links on websites and mobile applications

Facilitate buying

  • One-click payments without reentering payment data
  • Full and partial refunds
  • Quick and secure payments on websites and mobile apps

Business benefits

  • Funds on hold and recurrent payments
  • Split payments for marketplaces and online platforms
  • Rubble transfers to bank accounts in Russia and abroad

You will like it


Split payments

This is an excellent solution for marketplaces and services where you need to send money to several accounts simultaneously. You can split payments between different recipients – your vendors and buyers.


All requests made to the API are encrypted, and the payment system is protected according to PCI-DSS Level 1.

Quick API integration

We offer modern and convenient API and SDK, flexible integration schemes, and testing before working with real data. If you need more features – let us know about them.

Getting started

  • Send your application to or leave your contact through the feedback form below
  • Sign the contract and initiate API integration
  • Great! Now you can accept payments

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