Online Banking 
for Business

Send money to your partners and clients in rubles or another currency, enable recurring payments, monitor the account balance.

You can browse the history of transactions, export payment drafts from the accounting systems and generate transaction statement.

Digital Payment Solutions


Make payments and receive transfers

You can transfer money directly via online banking to an individual or a company. Moreover, you can check who, when and how much money was transferred to your account.

Add templates

If the recurring payments don't suit you, create templates for often-repeated transactions. Next time, you will not need to fill in the details: just check the amount and confirm the payment.

Make transfers in foreign currency

You can open multiple bank accounts in rubles, dollars, and eurosand transfer money from them in the same currency. The service of currency buying/selling will be also available soon.

Set up recurring payments

Make a schedule for automatic sending of the money at the right time. Specify the number of payments and their frequency: once a year, once a month, or even every day.

Import data

Import drafts from specialized accounting systems. You can schedule payments using your online accounting service, save them in a file and add them to the online bank.

Use outside of Russia

If you are abroad, you can also open an account and use all the possibilities of online banking with us. All documents and interfaces are in Russian and English.

How to connect

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    Open an account in Bank 131
    Become a client of the newest digital bank in Russia
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    Access online banking app
    Use all the banking functions online.
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