an escrow account

For online platforms
where C2C and B2C transactions take place.

Who needs escrow accounts


C2C products

Online platforms that connect individuals and independent professionals such as a tutor, electrician, or stylist.

B2C products

Online services for the companies that outsource jobs to the self-employed such as web developers, designers, or copywriters.

Zero fees

  • for the escrow account service
  • for the internal transfer from escrow account to checking account

You will like it


Automate your operations

All transactions, including multiple commission debits, take place using API. The burden on your accounting department is reduced. You control all movements of funds.

Keep client funds safe

The money in the escrow account belongs to your clients and cannot be seized or frozen. If there are problems with your checking account, nothing will happen to your clients’ money.


  • Collected payments can be settled to bank cards or bank accounts using API.
  • Fiscalization can be an option.
  • Marketplace commission can be wired to a different bank account.

How it works for a marketplace

  1. 1
    All payments go directly to the marketplace’s escrow account
  2. 2
    Settle to marketplace sellers automatically using the API
  3. 3
    The commission has been credited to the marketplace checking account. Sellers have been paid for their goods and services
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