Full banking

First banking license issued in Russia in years. We are a direct participant in the Russian banking system.

Compliant payouts to freelancers

Mass payout service for online businesses with guaranteed tax compliance in Russia.

PCI DSS certified

Payment data security when processing payments & mass payouts.

Mass payouts to freelancers and the self-employed

We are creating one of the best solutions for online businesses needing to make mass payouts to Russian bank cards and bank accounts. In compliance with Russian law. This service is a must for anyone working with Russian individuals.

Why it matters

Working with Russian freelancers & the self-employed

We provide a mass payout service to locals. It’s designed for international companies, fintech and payment providers that work with independent digital workers — freelancers and the self-employed. Money payouts are made to Russian bank cards and bank accounts.


No need to open a local entity or worry about ‘Google tax’. Mass payouts from international online business and fintech are legal, in compliance with Russian tax rules.


Taxes for the self-employed are much lower than in the income taxes. Bank 131 will obtain tax calculations for each payout received and ensure the taxes are paid.

How it works

  1. Check tax regime

    Bank 131 checks a Russian individual’s tax regime (individual, entrepreneur or self-employed). Directly through the Tax Agency.
  2. Register as self-employed

    As an authorized company, Bank 131 registers freelancers or gig workers as self-employed with their consent.
  3. Process payout

    Payouts are processed to Russian bank cards or bank account. 6% tax will be calculated and paid off for each payout.
  4. Tax payment confirmation

    Bank 131 sends tax receipts to the company. This is a document that lets you prove payment of taxes and compliance in Russia.


Who are the self-employed?
Since 2019 Russian legislation has allowed all independent digital workers, gig workers, and freelancers to become self-employed and use a simplified tax regime, paying 4% on income received from another individual and 6% on income when the payout received from a legal entity, whether Russian or international. Any freelancer registered as self-employed can legally receive payouts from businesses, if their self-employment taxes are paid. In this case individuals are free from other taxes on income. Self-employed taxes are the lowest type of tax on workers.
Why should international businesses work with self-employed Russians?
Many online businesses, local and international, hire freelancers, single individuals or even distance workers for gigs. Some business models like Uber and Airbnb or marketplaces are focused on individuals. This kind of activity is legal in Russia and provides a straightforward way to ensure compliance when paying out to such individuals. Russia’s self-employed tax status allows Russians to legally receive payments from businesses; this means full compliance with local tax laws for businesses.
How does Bank 131 work with the self-employed?
Bank 131 provides a technological solution (API) and service for businesses that work with self-employed people and make mass payouts to Russians. Bank 131 possesses a banking license and gets authorized by the local Tax Agency to perform registration for self-employed status, check for taxes due and pay off taxes. Bank 131 provides mass payouts to Russian bank cards and bank accounts. Someday Bank 131 may introduce a service specifically for self-employed individuals, and extend its payment options to enable payouts to e-wallets and mobile phone balances.

About us

Bank for the global gig economy

Bank 131 is the newest Russian challenger bank, first in years that obtained a full banking license. We create technology and offer services to local and international online businesses, fintechs, emoney and payment providers working in the global digital economy. Our team has extensive experience in creating digital projects, both in Russia and overseas.

Our business model is a low-risk transactional business model. We do not offer loans or engage in traditional credit risk based banking.

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