VAT payment for foreign businesses in Russia

A solution for non-resident companies operating in Russia. Accept online payments, pay taxes locally, and comply with the Russian VAT rules. No need to open a local office.
For any foreign companies wanting to operate in Russia

How it works

  • Payment from a customer
    You accept payments for services provided in Russia
  • VAT calculation
    Bank 131 calculates the relevant VAT instantly when payment is made
  • VAT payment
    You send a VAT payment request via API, and Bank 131 pays the tax directly to the Federal Tax Agency

You’ll like it


No need to open a bank account or an office in Russia

Bank 131 fully complies with the local payment, banking, and tax regulation

Bank 131 calculates tax automatically – no manual work needed

Getting started

  • Send a request, sharing your requirements and goals
  • We’ll find you a suitable solution
  • We’ll also need to check your documents
  • Next, you sign a contract
  • And you’re all set to start API integration

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